Jilliana Raymond speaks to her audiences as she would to a close friend. She is engaging and endearing as she explains the relationship between the physical and spiritual worlds that surround us.


Integrated Sole Energy Therapy

Jilliana knows that healing can come from the sole. For over 20 years she has been helping people to heal physically, mentally, and spiritually through her therapeutic reflexology practice.


New Beginnings: Powerful Principles for Transformation

Jilliana explains how the world is changing and that we are in flux as well. Watch the trailer now to witness the impact of New Beginnings: Powerful Principles for Transformation.

There are no ordinary people. We’re all extraordinary!

Watch New Beginnings: Powerful Principles for Transformation book trailer

This book challenges complex life issues, provides encouragement and invites its
readers to break restrictive patterns, embrace change, and align with a new vision
for themselves and an evolving world.

Jilliana Raymond

Jilliana Raymond


Spirituality is something that is hard for many people to balance their lives around. “Life is a Spiritual Soup: Discovering Your Spiritual Legacy” is Jilliana Raymond’s call to helping people find the balance of God in their lives so that they may better incorporate his will and wisdom. Her words seek to help people realize the spiritual being they are and can aspire to be, making “Life is a Spiritual Soup” a fine addition to spirituality collections.
Midwest Book Review, Life is a Spiritual Soup
Thank you Jilliana for your lovely gift and most beautiful words.
Jordon Rich, WBZ News Radio 1030 Boston CBS
I appreciate that you included me as so many people have been saying that my work is New Pharma and needs to be in hospitals and hospice centers. You are absolutely correct. Your words gave me the chills…meaning=Truth!
Andre Ferrella, Internationally acclaimed Evolutionary Artist of The Spirit
Jilliana Raymond has been a source of infinite support and inspiration in both my personal and professional life since we met in 2009. Her insight has brought me guidance and comfort in challenging times, and her wonderful spirit simply emanates love for her fellow being. I have had the privilege of working in groups as well as one-on-one with Jilliana. Her spiritual perspective is unique and universal at the same time. Her approach to teaching is like her approach to life…without boundaries, wholly accepting and warmly embracing.
I met you through a Reiki circle and bought your books. I read them one after the other and couldn’t put them down. I guess they came along at just the right time for me. You pulled together many things I’ve been studying and that gave me a sense of order to what seemed to be my random interests. Thank you for writing them and for bringing them to the circle.
Ms. Raymond beautifully offers an accounting of where we, spiritual beings having human experiences, find ourselves at this present time on planet Earth. She provides a variety of practical solutions for maintaining balance as we move forward collectively. She also asks transformational questions to help us clarify our own deeper answers. Whether you are a beginner or well-traveled on the spiritual path, you will find many fresh insights on these cleverly written pages!
Elana A. Sunseri, Wellness-Counselor Reiki Master Teacher Certified Dream Coach
We met at Karmafest in Maryland. A friend told me to stop by your table. You gave me a copy of your books, as you recognized the despair I was fighting, and barely hanging on to hope. It took me well over a year before I could bring myself to read your books. God needed me to do other work first before I could read God’s Toolbox and Life is a Spiritual Soup. I was moved by God’s Toolbox; I actually tried it out and was blessed to see a real, in the flesh angel in of all places, a mall? I was also amazed again at how many different ways God is getting his universal message out into the world. Many of the principles in your books are what are practically being taught. I wanted to reach out to you and say thank you. You had and still do, have a great impact in my life that helped shape my future that is now filled with love from that moment in the past
Sharra, Reflexology
It has been my privilege to have Jilliana as my reflexologist for over two years. She is a true professional who incorporates all her intuitive energy and expertise into each session. Initially my reflexology sessions provided balance and relaxation. However, in 2011 I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Before, during and after my surgery and through my chemotherapy treatments, I have continued working with Jilliana. The results have been amazing. Without a doubt, these sessions have been an integral part of my healing and recovery process. Reflexology has kept my kidneys and liver functions at optimum levels. My side effects from the chemotherapy have been extremely mild and I attribute this to Jilliana’s effective work at continually detecting and opening the areas that need to be cleared. Jilliana has my highest recommendation and respect