Integrated Sole Energy Therapy Jilliana is a certified Reflexologist, a National Board of Massage Continuing Education Instructor, and provides CEU training for Reflexology and Integrative Sole Energy Therapy (ISET) a therapeutic modality that she developed in 2013.

She is one of just 32 ISET practitioners in the United States utilizing this profoundly effective treatment. Her goal is to train this modality nationally and internationally.

Jilliana has personally trained these Certified ISET (Integrated Soul Energy Therapy) practitioners and you may reach out to them in New Bern, NC,  the Caribbean, and the Poconos of Pennsylvania.

Elana Sunseri  –  Clear Mind Body Spirit, LLC
New Bern, NC  408 504-9639

Sherri Blanton –  BodiWorkz by Sherri @ Bear Essentials
New Bern, NC  252 670-3029

Gini Mays -Bare Soles Reflexology
New Bern, NC 252 723-2804

Priscilla E.A. Jaouni –  MHA, RN
Whole Health & Wellness Counselor
New Bern, N.C., and Málaga, Spain.  703416-9421

Mark A. Gallagher – R&M Reflexology Plus
Cresco, Pennsylvania   570 955-8739 

IMG_5049“By combining the therapeutic touch of Reflexology with Energy Flow techniques, I have created Integrated Sole Energy Therapy (ISET) to detect energy imbalances and clear the identified blocked energy channels. The release from ISET will allow the body’s natural energy circuitry to rebalance, allowing for a free energy flow which promotes improved immune support and the repair of energy circuitry.” Jilliana

For health practitioners, ISET compliments and expands their practice by providing patients and clients an effective resolution to physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances. CLICK HERE to participate in an upcoming workshop.