Jilliana Raymond - Speaker

Jilliana Raymond speaks to her audiences as she would to a close friend. She is engaging and endearing as she explains the relationship between the physical and spiritual worlds that surround us. Jilliana brings heartfelt messages of hope, simple guidelines for a better life, and the reassurance that we can each make a difference in our lives, our communities, and the world.

She has reached out to the world via CBS and Voice of America radio interviews, podcasts, and personal speaking engagements. Her messages touch on the simplicity of positive relationships to the complexity of our spiritual guardians, all related with the ease of a conversation over a cup of tea. Her audiences find inspiration and comfort in her words.

Jilliana captivates small or large groups with her warmth, wisdom, and positive energy. Here are some of her frequently requested topics:

  • Maximize Business Potential: Eliminate Toxic Assets
  • Elements of Change – We Can Impact the World
  • Spiritual Guides – They Are Ready to Help
  • What’s Toxic in Your Business? Using Integrity & Positive Reflection to Solve Problems
  • What’s Toxic in Your Life? Identify and Resolve Personal Imbalances
  • Talking to Your Inner Child
  • Rewrite Your Story for a Happy Ending
  • Non-Confrontational Conflict Resolution
  • Building Sacred Relationships; Becoming Extraordinary

Mark your calendar! Jilliana is scheduled to speak:
AMTA Speaker – Pasadena, CA  September 17-20, 2017

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“Jilliana is one of the best speakers I know. I’ve spoken all over the world and have seen hundreds of speakers and she is one of the best! You will be very glad you booked her for your event!”
Jack ZufeltJack M. Zufelt, “Mentor to Millions”
Author of the #1 best-selling book  The DNA of Success