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Join us on Thursday evenings at 5:30 for a meeting of the minds and souls. Our two hour session is an opportunity to commune with like-minded women who share a vision of peace, joy, and community for themselves and the world at large. Jilliana Raymond leads the discussion of the day, providing insights for our spiritual and human path. Guest speakers and members also share their experiences, talents, and wisdom for the benefit of all. Meetings are held at the Universalist Union, 308 Meadow Street, New Bern, NC and we ask for a $5 monthly donation in gratitude for the use of the space.

January 25, 2018
Book Night! We will be exploring  “The Alchemy of Sacred Living: Creating a Culture of Light” by Emory John Michael. The Alchemy of Sacred Living reveals the essence of the world’s most ancient philosophy in a new form for the modern world. In these pages, readers will discover a virtual Philosopher’s Stone enabling them to turn the experiences of life into priceless treasures of the spirit. Shirley Thobe will lead the group and even if you don’t get to read the book, come and join us for a lively discussion.
February 1, 2018
Kendra Norman will explore do-Terra essential oils and their uses with the group.  We have several individuals in our group who represent essential oil products but it is always wonderful to experience the different presentations and their practical uses.
February 15, 2018
This event will be open again to Guys and Dolls an evening of exploration into the use and creation of hydroponic/aeroponic gardening systems.  Brandon Sutton from Morehead is a hydroponic gardening representative and will co-host with me in the presentation of what will more than likely be our sustaining gardens of the future
February 22, 2018
Continued discussion on “The Alchemy of Sacred Living: Creating a Culture of Light” by Emory John Michael  with Shirley Tobe. Join us even if you haven’t read the book. The discussions are always enlightening!
March 1, 2018
Dr. Karen Solomon is coming to present her insights on the benefits of light and sound combinations in our daily healing rituals.  For those who know Dr. Karen many have benefited from her healing therapies.  For those who haven’t yet met Dr. Karen, here is your opportunity to get to know her.

Kryon is coming to
Wilmington March 10,11- 2018.  Cost each day $135. Lunch is included.