Remembering Your Mastery – Steps To Take Towards Mastery
Online Webinar Series (5/21/2020 – 2/1/2021)

Watch New Beginnings: Powerful Principles for Transformation book trailer.

This book challenges complex life issues, provides encouragement and invites its readers to break restrictive patterns, embrace change, and align with a new vision for themselves and an evolving world.


Knowledgeable, enthusiastic, nurturing, and empowering Jilliana is an excellent teacher! I’m a student of various Eastern and Western healing modalities, but her ISET training stands apart. I cannot recommend a session or training with Jilliana enough!

ISET Student Aaron Trippet profile pictureAaron Trippet, Doctorate in Physical Therapy

I have had the pleasure of both working with Jilliana and observing her as she shared her message her with audiences who welcomed the inspirational and unique perspective that Jilliana so easily conveys. Any audience receptive to her message will be enthralled with Ms. Raymond’s’ embodiment of transformational power. I would not miss the opportunity to see Jilliana in action again.

Michelle SieversMichelle Sievers, UMUC Project Coordinator and Webinar Moderator

Jilliana’s beautiful soul reaches out to yours, and connects you to the souls of all others, in an embrace which will “kiss the consciousness” of all souls in our wondrous Human Family. Thank you, Jilliana!

Al Cole- CBS Radio is the host of the nationally syndicated talk show People of Distinction and author of The Spirit of Romance.

Al Cole, CBS RadioAl Cole, CBS Radio

I have had the pleasure of knowing Jill as a mentor/therapist as well as a friend. She has helped me be both a better health care provider and person. You will be glad you have invited her into your world, personally and professionally.

Scott AugustineScott Augustine, M.D., Sampson Women's Center

Knowledgeable and informative, I would recommend Jilliana without hesitation. She is an interesting and highly qualified speaker.

Nathan ColesDr. Nathan Coles, D.C., Coles Chiropractic Center

Thanks for joining me for a wonderful interview. You deliver a beautiful message, filled with hope and inspiration!

Jordan Rich WBA CBS Radio Boston

Jordan RichJordan Rich, WBZ/CBS Radio Boston


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