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Earth Messages – Are you listening?

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Let’s get practical.  What will it take to bring reality into focus?  The earth needs our support.  Recently she has been sending many alerts to her inhabitants that their living environment might be in jeopardy.  What messages is she sending and what actions should we be taking?  It’s June and the year is 2016:  Several west [...]

Making Sense of Orlando – Send Love

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Many of you have responded to the Orlando and other escalating tragedies.  The question is how can we make sense from all of this?  Here are my thoughts: First, we cannot let the actions of one individual define us.  We must not respond in kind, instead follow the Platinum Rule: "Do unto others as you would [...]

Environmental Custodians

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Water may be the most precious resource on the planet. With many waterways representing a toxic ooze of chemical infusion, it’s time to become aware of the underground penetration of toxic waste into our springs and wells that ultimately filter into the veins and arteries of our daily water systems.  Three major events have brought water [...]