Becoming Earth Custodians

by | Feb 25, 2022 | Blog

Earth events in recent years are signaling change is coming.  With recent unpredictable weather events we’re going to need to be vigilant and prepared for whatever Mother Nature may present.  In 2017 there were six category 5 hurricanes.  For those caught in the path of these ferocious weather systems they experienced extreme flooding, economic distress and lost resources.  Across the globe areas of scorching heat and freezing temperatures were problematic.  Californians witnessed destructive fires that destroyed nearly 308,000 acres.  This devastation was followed by torrential rains and mudslides.  A surprise winter storm left New Englanders frozen in a seaside surf that flooded towns and froze cars under the ocean waves.  Aside from extreme storms above ground below the surface Mom Nature presented us with rumbling earthquakes and widespread volcanic activity.   While the winter of 2018 finds many huddling under blankets, our summer could find us seeking shade and a cool mint julep.

One could wonder why so many extreme earth events are occurring?  The earth is in the midst of a water redistribution cycle.  Areas previously known to be dry may now become green…and those areas previously lavished with abundant rain may now become dryer. Along with her water redistribution she is rebalancing her tectonic plates, relieving tension stored in her inner core.  What many do not realize is that the earth is a living conscious environment.  You might say that she can be just as emotional as the inhabitants upon her.

Earth inhabitants need to be prepared for anything shifting weather patterns may present.  Food resources could be at risk with the unpredictable weather.  To counter weather extremes that include hot/cold temperatures and wet/dry climates, hydroponic gardening could be the answer to provide an endless resource of edible consumption.  Over 100 years ago Pierre DuPont gave a nation the idea of botanical gardening.  Longwood Gardens in Kennett, Pennsylvania is a treasure for garden lovers everywhere.  Mr. DuPont created an indoor conservatory that houses pools, gardens and a variety of flowering vegetation to delight visitors.  The outdoor grounds boast a vertical garden that produces edible stores intended to feed the area inhabitants.  Another great visionary, Walt Disney, began cultivating hydroponic/aeroponic gardening systems to produce organic foods that supply a significant percentage of the Walt Disney Resort restaurants with foods they serve to the Disney guests.   These gardening examples will be our future answer to sustain crops under geodomes during extreme temperatures and violent weather extremes.   With regard to impending forecasts of earth events that signal dangerous earth events, we need to heed forecasts from those professionals tasked with advanced alert broadcasting.  If you find yourself living in a particularly volatile environment moving to a safer locale might be advisable.

Just when you think there is nothing any of us can do to prevent a disastrous event, I remind you that the earth is a conscious environment.  She responds to the emotional projections of the inhabitants upon her.  When faced with a compromising forecast projecting soothing thoughts and loving intentions to calm her volatile focus will serve her inhabitants well in reducing the ferocious nature of her pending earth event.  Being prepared to work with the earth and her environment will go a long way in securing our survival.


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