Bridge of Light

by | Jan 25, 2015 | Blog

Few can deny there is great change across today’s world. However, throughout history change has propelled mankind into new directions offering greater potential for humanity. Change could be regarded as the bridge of light, removing often dysfunctional elements of living, transforming an old infrastructure into a positive benefit and new potential.

So how will this change correspond to current events?

If there is any doubt that accelerated change is propelling world events, one only need review any number of alarming headlines detailing current unrest or experience any number of unprecedented weather events to notice there is something different occurring about the earth. While the presence of upheaving and discontent seems ramping, its benefits will far exceed its disruption.

What’s propelling these elements of change?

Indigenous peoples across the globe have prophesied this time. While there is significant speculation concerning doomsday prophecy, utilizing the Mayan prophecy specifically, the calendar cycle merely was left to signal great change with the end of an existing cycle and the emergency of a new cycle. Ancient astrologers knew of a new magnetic alignment that would propel the earth to a new position within the solar system.

How will change affect individual lifestyles?

If there is any corridor in your life needing adjustment, you can expect change. Anything that has been out of balance with your intended living pattern can no longer remain. If you are currently experiencing disruption or compromise in your daily activities you can be assured change will be forthcoming.

The evidence of changing lifestyles is abundantly present. Societies have existed under tyrannical rule for centuries. Corporations have profited at their patron expense. Unbalanced relationships have been endured. These have involved family, work environments, friendships and romantic encounters.

What long range benefits can be expected?

Compromise should never be an option. For too long, compromise has been an accepted way of living. Compromise should never be “as good as it gets.” Life was intended to be experienced in harmony and balance. This is what change offers, an opportunity for everyone to explore desired adventures, to engage in fulfilling and loving relationships, to work in challenging, yet rewarding fields of employment and to harness our creative natures.


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