Compassion and Forgiveness

by | Feb 13, 2022 | Blog

If you haven’t felt a shift in consciousness, you soon will. Earth’s inhabitants are moving out of an age of dominance towards an age of cooperation. Humanity is reviewing its fragility and a need to work in harmony with our diverse neighbors. How does this impact us individually? Think of emotional insults as weight applied to our physical composition with every traumatic event. If you have been exposed to many life insults, you are more than likely carrying around a lot of excess weight. This is not only in pounds but also refers to feelings. Have you heard the expression of “carrying the weight of the world around on your shoulders?” When we experience repetitive compromise, the residual emotion begins to settle into core organs. Compromised organs manifest the physical discomfort that we recognize as our dis-ease.

This revelation brings new awareness into the importance of releasing as much emotional residual energy as possible. If you’re like me, life insults have presented emotional challenges. At times I found it difficult to truly forgive those whom I felt responsible for instigating a life insult. While I could conceptually forgive an individual, it was much more difficult to be able to be authentic with myself and deeply forgive an individual on all levels until I heard this explanation: If you understand that those who have presented you with a life challenge or insult, they are most likely hurting worse than you. This is a powerful statement that requires understanding and compassion. But in its true essence provides powerful release from the energies that lock us in blame and a victim consciousness.

I came to the realization that I was far stronger than the individuals who became a catalyst for my growth and that lending any more of my energy in consideration of the events I deemed emotionally challenging wasn’t productive. I could have compassion for those whose pain was greater than my own. I didn’t need to accept what I considered poor behavior on behalf of energy perpetrator, but I could finally release the last residual energy from the unresolved compromise.

I hope you will find this transformational wisdom healing, leaving you feeling lighter than you ever thought possible. Emotional freedom is a gift worth receiving through forgiveness.


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