Earth Messages – Are you listening?

by | Jun 23, 2022 | Blog

Let’s get practical.  What will it take to bring reality into focus?  The earth needs our support.  Recently she has been sending many alerts to her inhabitants that their living environment might be in jeopardy.  What messages is she sending and what actions should we be taking?  It’s June and the year is 2016:  Several west coast beaches were closed temporarily because of accelerated shark activity.  On the east coast southern beaches are also experiencing increased activity and there was even a report of a great white spotting near North Carolina’s beaches.  Seriously?

In the past increased shark activity near shorelines has signaled pending danger warning sun worshipers to move inland.  Just like the tsunami that hit the Sumatran and Indonesia coastline December 26, 2004, the animals seemed to sense the danger before its impact while human inhabitants were unaware of the looming wave.  All earth creatures seem to have an increased sensory warning system that is instinctive.  Could the increased shark sightings along our shores be warning shore huggers of pending concern?  Even though no immediate danger is present taking precaution and moving inland might be prudent.

It isn’t only our shorelines that are in jeopardy.  Our human family might be ignoring other warnings.  It was summer of 2015 with the Atlantic coast faced off with Juaquin.  This was a mighty storm with accelerating winds of a category 4 or 5 hurricane.  The east coast was spared Juaquin’s fury as the storm veered off into the Atlantic ocean.  But that didn’t stop Juaquin from harvesting ocean real estate and crumbling asphalt up and down beach coastlines like it was an Oreo cookie.

A reality check might be in order.  If you plan on owning ocean real estate you should be prepared to take the risk of losing a sizable investment.  You can’t negotiate with Mother Nature when she owns the foundation.  On a more promising note for beach lovers is that future viewing of ocean landscape might be a scenic drive rather than a brief glimpse through staggered real estate.

It’s spring of 2016 and the latest crop of twisters are marching across the heartland claiming miles of real estate.  If this destruction isn’t severe enough, Texas and the Gulf Coast have been submerged from persistent rains that have filled river basins and erased any remnant of drought.  And Mother Nature’s fury shows no signs of slowing down.  Her impromptu temper tantrums have no boundary.  She may just be going through menopause sporting hot and cold flashes from one coat to the next.

Certainly when weather patterns repeat a cyclic path of recurrence it’s time to move to a safer location.  No longer can lingering along the ley lines of weather anomalies be considered safe.  Residing at the base of a volcano, finding permanent residence at ocean front locations, living on top of fault lines or plopped smack dab in the center of a tornado’s path might be considered risky business.  When nature indicates it’s time to move, we should be listening to what she’s trying to tell us.


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