Finding a Peaceful Solution

by | Feb 19, 2022 | Blog

For millennia conflict has plagued humanity.   Once again political and ethical discrepancies are escalating.  Conflict based on acquisition, ethnic intolerance or retaliation are not reasons to initiate violence.  Diplomatic discourse should always be the first attempt at resolution.   When diplomacy fails there are alternative measures that can be employed to defray escalating tensions.

Much more care needs to be employed when considering the use of nuclear weaponry.  The toxic components of nuclear radiation penetrate the land, pollute the air, water and everyone exposed to it.  While one local area may be targeted, expanded areas will be affected as air and water currents carry the residual particles globally.

We must learn from the mistakes of our past.  Nuclear events involving Fukushima, Three Mile Island and the Russian nuclear disaster at Chernobyl all reveal the long term effects of nuclear waste.  How many more countless sons and daughters must be sacrificed for the selfish concerns of those most interested in profiting from the power and financial gains of war?

Thought has always been a powerful tool of resolution.  It’s time for the world’s human family to join together in prayer and thought to choose peaceful resolution.  The cost of conflict is too great for humanity.  When humanity can focus on peace, tolerance and compassion our voices will be heard.  It takes little effort to project the concept that our leaders will use wise resolution and that the voice of the people will finally be heard.  Not one more living soul need give their life in violent exchange for the unthoughtful provocation of an unyielding force.  Choose peace, abundance, diversity, and freedom to live in harmony as the path to our future living world.  Together we can change the world.


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