Letting Go

by | Feb 24, 2022 | Blog

In an age of great change the importance of releasing unfavorable memories is essential to move forward through the greatest energy shift this planet has ever known. As the inhabitants of earth move ever slowly to an age of peace and harmony carrying excess emotional baggage can only restrict one’s ability to experience the full blessings life has to offer.

Some will continue to fester in the dynamics of blame and hatred. Some will learn the art of forgiveness and begin to experience how letting go of old trauma can propel you forward in life’s learning dimension. Much more than a feeling, true forgiveness can allow you to be in the flow of opportunity and potential. With this thought in mind, to assist you in letting go, consider that the spiritual dimension is aware of every detail in your life. Never doubt the power of prayer. Too often we forget to turn over life concerns to our creative designer. No request is too insignificant. Put your trust in spiritual design and let the universe resolve your conflict. This takes away the burden or need for retribution and places accountability onto those who would be perpetrators of your life design.


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