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by | Feb 6, 2022 | Blog

2017 was a year of letting go, releasing old habits, dysfunctional patterns and emotional baggage that has plagued most of us for eons.  If we’ve been successful at releasing old energy we should be experiencing a lighter essence and enjoying the healthy benefits of our cleansing.

If you are still experiencing illness, addictions, aches or pains your residual discomfort is an indication there is still work to be done.  It is time to invite Divine light into our energy fields to finally cleanse the remaining residual energies that no longer define who you are.  If you continue to recycle limiting beliefs and continue to give power to those inciting events that caused your emotional pain…a perpetual pattern of pain will persist.

Our scientific and medical communities are making significant breakthroughs in our medical futures.  Who would believe there could be a cure for cancer?  In 2017, a Bio-Engineer, Jennifer Doudna, perfected the design of CRISPR, a genome editing technology that has the ability of eliminating cancer growth within the body.  This technology is currently being tested in the US for FDA approval but its application remains promising.  In addition, genome editing is being used to reverse retinal disease and reverse blindness.

Are you getting excited yet?  There will be more work done with immunotherapy and would you believe we have the technology to create robotic hands that have membranes as sensitive as our own nervous system?  This technology will allow amputees to have fine dexterity.  There’s more…what about a pancreatic pump that would alleviate diabetes?  New technologies will continue to replace pharmaceutical applications that carry so many harsh toxic side effects.  Our renewed well-being will not only benefit our physical systems but be much kinder to our dwindling financial resources.

For those involved with alternative therapies there will be a marrying of technologies with those who practice traditional medical sciences.  The combined efforts will provide rapid healing and reversal of many presenting medical dysfunctions.

Humanity is already seeing the benefit of meditation and becoming aware that incorporating a meditative practice into daily routines provides a protective barrier against most germs and disease. We are becoming a global family of compassionate, healthy and fully engaged energetic individuals with the addition of alternative practices and organic consumption of nourishing foods.  Our healthy futures are looking bright.


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