Reaching the Saturation Point

by | May 28, 2018 | Blog

Social dialogue may currently reflect the saturation profile of anything/everything that no longer compliments the human design mankind was intended to experience.  We’re examining what no longer works within our own internal composition and we’re taking action to eliminate and resolve the discovered imbalances.  Expanding further into our human landscape, the blueprint for our human design is exposing anything that doesn’t resemble traditional society compliance.  For decades we have rejected our differences and closed our eyes to race, cultural difference, inequality, injustice, mental instability, sexual harassment, abuse, and governmental impropriety.

In a book I wrote in 2016, New Beginnings:  Powerful Principles for Transformation, I investigated many of the toxic contributors out of touch with our interconnection with our relationship to our human family.   The message was clear:  Anything out of balance would implode.  It should come as no surprise then that headlines continue to expose the toxic contributors to society imbalances.

There are individuals strategically located in life corridors designed to expose those elements of unbalanced living.  I call these individuals sacrificial lambs.  They have answered a call to be part of a universal plan to bring humanity into balance.  Some of these individuals act as undercover cops playing roles to expose contradictory behavior.  They may present themselves as our worst adversaries or most radical catalyst for change.  Others reveal structural social inadequacies, calling attention to society factors that detail outcast lifestyles, teaching the human family of the need to honor our differences and find ways to heal our separation.

Such is the mechanism of inner revelation that most individuals are experiencing.  Are you a member of a fringe network?  Are you an individual fighting for equality?  Are you the catalyst for a cure?   Are you fighting for a little known cause or calling attention to human suffering bringing a voice to the forgotten?  We live upon an amazing world were abundance is possible for all but there are boundaries and obstacles that limit access.  This is where our voices ring out and what appears to be chaos is actually clearing.  We are lending our energies to rebalancing our world, exposing individuals who would limit our freedoms, imploding outdated thinking of separatism.  When the news presents another headline of disruptive living ask yourself what is being exposed?  Support those individuals who have brought to our attention the limitations of the little mind and applaud those individuals who have steadfastly proclaimed their right to be different and yet part of all.


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