Studying with the Masters – A Journey of Transformation

by | Mar 28, 2023 | Blog

For centuries life masters have been walking amongst us.  Some came to share profound wisdom and became iconic catalysts that changed the direction of humanity.   Many walk amongst us today, providing guidance and life steerage.  Most life masters may never know the impact they make upon our world.  And most may be unaware how extraordinary they are.

To experience life without challenge rare. What life event will signal change?  For some, any pivotal challenge can be the catalyst that transforms lives.  Such was the case with my journey.  Finding myself emotionally drained following a major life alteration, I began to explore the universal design that contributes to the way each of us experiences life.  This research would lead to the spiritual epiphanies I share with my audiences and the same wisdoms that have been shared by living masters with humanity for centuries.

In 1992 I would meet a teacher that would forever alter the way I reviewed life.  During a 5 year study under his tutelage, I would begin to discover ancient spiritual wisdoms.  During this study I observed what today could be termed as miraculous healings.  I would also receive my own healing intervention.  Sustaining a severe back injury I asked my teacher to intervene on my behalf.  Within a matter of hours, a serious back injury would become negligible.  In 1997 I was invited to undertake an intense training with this avatar.  I learned the main ingredients of life include two elements, love and light.  All other experiences are derivatives of those two main elements.  During my study I witnessed a mountain disappear and turn to light.  I watched a river part in two, and saw angels appear on the mountainside.  While I have studied with many masters, I have yet to encounter one so profound.  My life has forever been illuminated.  There have been many times I have questioned my faith, but all I need remember is the wisdom that has been passed on to me.

Masters have been teaching mankind for centuries.  We need only be open to their teachings.  Join me on this series of universal wisdom and discover how extraordinary you are.  The next topic in this series will be Discovering Who You Are.


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