Studying with the Masters – Becoming Aware of a Conscious Environment

by | May 7, 2022 | Blog

The year was 1994 when Dr. Masaru Emoto released his research into the evolution of water crystals and catalogued his research in a marvelous book, Messages in Water.  Dr. Emoto was able to scientifically prove that the molecular composition of water responds to emotional expressions.  His experiments revealed that contaminated water could be transformed into purified water with the projection of loving expressions.  Conversely, purified water could be transformed into toxic composition by the expression of anger or vial projections.  Webster’s dictionary describes consciousness as “awareness, responds to surroundings,” which would satisfy the conclusions in Dr. Emoto’s experiments.  This is where it gets interesting.  If you can digest the conclusions of Dr. Emoto’s research, then would it be reasonable to adopt the theory that the earth could respond to our emotions?  The answer is an overwhelming yes!

Expanding this revelation becomes even more exciting.  If water responds and transforms with thought, do you think the earth might respond to our loving impressions?  And if loving expression can change the molecular structure of a water crystal, could loving thoughts, sent into the earth, calm, subdue or even redirect the potential volatility of a looming natural event?  The answer is again yes.

For over 20 years The HeartMath Institute in California has been collecting satellite data that registers thought vibrations in the earth’s atmosphere.  Their research discovered that emotionally charged events can be registered in the earth’s atmosphere.  Once again, if Webster’s dictionary describes consciousness as “awareness,” then could that mean the earth is a conscious environment?  Someone could call this weird science but in fact we live upon a conscious environment that responds to thought, sound, and emotional vibration.  This revelation takes our interaction with the earth’s environment to a new level.  We are the conscious custodians of this marvelous planet and the ramifications of our living interactions will determine the longevity of the resources we rely upon for our well-being.  Conservation begins at home.  We first need to be aware of our thought projections and the impact it creates on our living world.  We all need to be invested in the custodial care of our living earth and leave a minimal footprint on her surface to ensure her longevity and sustainability.


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