Studying with the Masters – Discovering Who You Are

by | Apr 10, 2022 | Blog

In my first blog I left you with an invitation to discover who you are.  I also told you that many masters walk amongst us but most are unaware of the significant roles they play in changing humanity.  You also discovered that perhaps a major life alteration was the catalyst for a cause or at the very least the seed of reflection.

In our physical form we may not see the significance of our being.  Stephen Hawkins was a great master of wisdom, imparting his reflections on a definition of God.  He viewed God as a metaphor of identification for the universal workings of our living matrix.  Regardless of the terminology of this omnipotent force, we are all part of the great design.  We are all spiritual in origin, embodied in a physical identity to allow us to engage in multiple life scenarios that in fact we design.  We are the masters of our own creations.  Each interaction is designed to enhance our living soul and some of our interactions are designed to change the course of humanity.  We are the greatest angels in the universe, each designated with a special purpose to assist in the evolution of humanity and our living world.

It does take a village, or in this case a collective mass uniting to allow the intended human design to unfold.  We came to evolve on the most difficult planet in the universe.  And as we awaken to our origin and discover our roles, each and every one of us changes the vibration of those we touch and the environment we live in.

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