There Really is Accountability

by | Mar 6, 2022 | Blog

Too often we presume our actions don’t matter and how we interact in our world carries no consequences.  I like to remind individuals that everyone is accountable for daily interactions with all those we encounter.  Thoughts and actions of ill-intent are accountable.  This knowledge is justification for me that whenever I feel compromised by an individual’s careless interaction, there activity will result in compromising consequences.

I tend to write about issues that affect many of us and I often use my own experiences as examples.  Recently I found myself in the midst of an internet scam.  I know…I should have been much wiser.  But how many of us find ourselves exploited by some marketing gimmick?   An opportunity to obtain a “trial sample” of a product that seemed promising was attractive and I was actually surprised when the product arrived in the mail.  My surprise turned to frustration when my credit card revealed a significant charge for a product I hadn’t ordered.  Resolution has yet to be achieved.

On further internet review through the Better Business Bureau I am at least comforted that I am not the only gullible individual to have participated in the scam.   Ironically, each individual who submitted a complaint indicated the very same discussions with the third party vendor with none receiving acceptable resolution.  The company, while seeming to have a legitimate website, does not have an actual office location.

For those who would find themselves targeted, trapped, or annoyed by any unpleasant interaction I assure you resolution will be forthcoming.  My justification is in knowing that what you do to another, you do to yourself.  This is the Third Covenant of spiritual law that is binding and absolute.   While an individual may seemingly escape repercussions in this life, their spiritual accounting may dictate an undesirable outcome.


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