You Can Make a Difference

by | Jun 15, 2022 | Blog

GreenBronxMachineIf you ever wondered if you could make a difference in this life, consider the legacy of Stephen Ritz. Mr. Ritz is a Bronx school teacher who wanted to make a difference in the young minds he was invested to inspire. As he explains his students were malnourished, doing poorly in school, and unmotivated. He had a vision to “green” the Bronx and make his school a nutritional living environment. What was a classroom project has launched a nationwide campaign. As Mr. Ritz explains, his school ranked near the bottom of the learning curve in student achievement, but today his students’ academics have rebound with academic excellence. In fact, his successful approach to learning requires that any student desiring to be in his program must excel in other school academics.

His inspiration has expanded to his students growing their own food, feeding their communities and learning to grow food anywhere. They grow edible gardens using hydroponic and aroponic tower gardening under overpasses, on rooftops, and turn a concrete environment into a green oasis. And…his students receive payment for maintaining the gardens throughout the Bronx.

Today Mr. Ritz travels the nation inspiring others to change their environment, pursue a passion, and make a difference. His infectious enthusiasm can be watched on You-Tube by searching You-Tube tower gardens. Mr. Ritz could be considered one of God’s angels….but then so are you and your vision, could just launch a dream and make a difference.


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