Studying with the Masters – Becoming Aware of a Conscious Environment

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The year was 1994 when Dr. Masaru Emoto released his research into the evolution of water crystals and catalogued his research in a marvelous book, Messages in Water.  Dr. Emoto was able to scientifically prove that the molecular composition of water responds to emotional expressions.  His experiments revealed that contaminated water could be transformed into purified [...]

Studying with the Masters – Discovering Who You Are

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In my first blog I left you with an invitation to discover who you are.  I also told you that many masters walk amongst us but most are unaware of the significant roles they play in changing humanity.  You also discovered that perhaps a major life alteration was the catalyst for a cause or at the [...]

Studying with the Masters – A Journey of Transformation

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For centuries life masters have been walking amongst us.  Some came to share profound wisdom and became iconic catalysts that changed the direction of humanity.   Many walk amongst us today, providing guidance and life steerage.  Most life masters may never know the impact they make upon our world.  And most may be unaware how extraordinary they [...]

There Really is Accountability

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Too often we presume our actions don’t matter and how we interact in our world carries no consequences.  I like to remind individuals that everyone is accountable for daily interactions with all those we encounter.  Thoughts and actions of ill-intent are accountable.  This knowledge is justification for me that whenever I feel compromised by an individual’s [...]

Becoming Earth Custodians

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Earth events in recent years are signaling change is coming.  With recent unpredictable weather events we’re going to need to be vigilant and prepared for whatever Mother Nature may present.  In 2017 there were six category 5 hurricanes.  For those caught in the path of these ferocious weather systems they experienced extreme flooding, economic distress and [...]

Finding a Peaceful Solution

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For millennia conflict has plagued humanity.   Once again political and ethical discrepancies are escalating.  Conflict based on acquisition, ethnic intolerance or retaliation are not reasons to initiate violence.  Diplomatic discourse should always be the first attempt at resolution.   When diplomacy fails there are alternative measures that can be employed to defray escalating tensions. Much more care [...]

Give Me Liberty

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While visiting the Disney World village and sitting in the Hall of Presidents I was again reminded how great we can be. For centuries great leaders have been inspiring us to embrace change.  We are again embarking on a new journey, one that will forever change the course of mankind. Ponder the messages provided by our [...]

Picture of Health

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2017 was a year of letting go, releasing old habits, dysfunctional patterns and emotional baggage that has plagued most of us for eons.  If we’ve been successful at releasing old energy we should be experiencing a lighter essence and enjoying the healthy benefits of our cleansing. If you are still experiencing illness, addictions, aches or pains [...]

Rebalancing: Eliminating Toxic Life Elements

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Thanks to my latest book New Beginnings: Elements of Change I had the opportunity to be interviewed on Jennings Wire to discuss clearing out of the toxic things in our lives. Take a few minutes and listen in. Jilliana Raymond on Jennings Wire - The World of Success

Earth Messages – Are you listening?

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Let’s get practical.  What will it take to bring reality into focus?  The earth needs our support.  Recently she has been sending many alerts to her inhabitants that their living environment might be in jeopardy.  What messages is she sending and what actions should we be taking?  It’s June and the year is 2016:  Several west [...]


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