Reaching the Saturation Point

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Social dialogue may currently reflect the saturation profile of anything/everything that no longer compliments the human design mankind was intended to experience.  We’re examining what no longer works within our own internal composition and we’re taking action to eliminate and resolve the discovered imbalances.  Expanding further into our human landscape, the blueprint for our human design [...]

It Takes a Village – The Power of Compassion

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This planet is a portrait of impeccable design.  But at times environmental conditions, political contradictions or physical compromise appeals to our compassion calling us into action.  Imagine a world where no child would go hungry.  Imagine a world where clean water could easily be accessed.  Imagine a world where education wasn’t a privilege but available to [...]

Studying with the Masters – Eliminating Toxic Lifestyles

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Universal wisdom tells us to live each day in joy and benevolence.   Wise advice but often challenging to integrate into our busy lifestyles.  There are, however, some simple changes we can make to incorporate more harmony in our living lifestyles.  In a new universal design, nothing that is out of balance with the intended human design [...]


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