Decoding Your Mastery

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Decoding Your Mastery

Online Webinar Series

Steps To Take Towards Mastery

Presented By: Leni Morrison and Jilliana Raymond

Period: June 2020 – February 2021

This powerful series is designed to provide you with a greater understanding of the spiritual forces in alliance with you, how to align with these energies, as well as anchor crystalline coding into your DNA that will enhance your personal life navigation. Over 18 programs are provided (an approximate $420 value) available through affordable options.

  • Option 1: The entire series can be purchased for US $222/$200 Euro. Couples can participate for the price of one.
  • Option 2: The entire series can be paid in two installments of US $111/$100 Euro.
  • Option 3: Select webinars can be reserved individually space providing.
  • Option 4: For individuals with limited resources the series is offered on a love donation basis.

All options can be purchased through PayPal. You will receive an invoice via Email after you have registered for the webinar series and selected your choice of payment option.

Participation limited to 100.

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Event List and Schedule:

  1. Thursday, 5/21/2020: Introduction to the Webinar Series
    This is an introduction to the programs to follow, as well as an introduction to the accomplished presenters and their credentials.
    Meditation will begin your introduction into this powerful series. This is a FREE webinar.
  2. Monday, 6/1/2020: Behind the Scenes
    Join Jilliana Raymond as she takes you on an exploration into what happens when you pray/meditate/seek manifestation? Discover the spiritual forces that engage to answer your heartfelt requests and how to interpret the messengers and their messages.
    ($20 US requested donation)
  3. Monday, 6/15/2020: Crystalline DNA Phase 1 – Explanation and Meditation
    Leni Morrison will endeavor to provide you with an explanation of the structure and purpose of your DNA. Your 12 strand DNA allows you to access other worlds whereas the old 2 strand DNA did not – you are now able to create a Christ Conscious world which allows for humanity to heal collectively and to create a new earth. There are 3 phases that allow us to return to Christ Consciousness. Phase 1 is Heart Healing – Leni will discuss the importance of heart coherence and how a pure, free and innocent heart allows you to receive Divine Activations. Through meditation Leni will guide you to anchor your own Christed Diamond Heart.
    ($30 Euro requested donation)
  4. Monday, 6/29/2020: Ancestral Healing-How It All Begins
    Join Leni Morrison and Jilliana Raymond for stories of some of their encounters with masters, galactic beings and their subsequent healing. This can prepare you for your own potential encounters and experiences as you travel into higher realms of consciousness.
    (FREE Bonus session)
  5. Monday, 7/13/2020: Non-Confrontational Conflict Resolution
    Join Jilliana Raymond as she instructs you on the use and method of implementation into a powerful meditative life tool that eliminates the need for face-to-face confrontation. Everyone should have this powerful tool in their energy arsenal to utilize whenever conflict is anticipated or experienced.
    ($35 US donation requested)
  6. Monday, 7/27/2020: The Power of Your Word
    Join Leni Morrison and Jilliana Raymond as they examine the power of words through their audible impact as well as their perceived thought projections. This series reminds us all the importance of watching our thoughts as “Thoughts Become Things.” This series also aligns with preferred language to help you align with what you are manifesting in your life.
    ($25 Euro donation suggested)
  7. Monday, 8/10/2020: Crystalline DNA Phase 2 – Conscious Preparation of Your Body
    Preparation includes detoxing, visualizing, commanding, feeling, understanding what’s going on in your body/knowing your body and how your DNA responds to the commands and visualization you direct to it from your coherent heart. Leni Morrison will teach the purpose behind the integration of your DNA with Crystalline chromosomes and then instruct you how to embody the 12 strand DNA so you can manifest magic.
    ($30 Euro donation requested)
  8. Monday, 8/24/2020: Learning to Love Yourself
    This program reminds you that in spirit there is no judgement, no blame, no shame, no guilt. There are only experiences. Join Leni Morrison as she guides you through the process of loving yourself.
    ($25 Euro donation requested)
  9. Monday, 9/14/2020: What Makes You Who You Are
    Join Leni Morrison and Jilliana Raymond on a discovery of past lives that have contributed to your current one. Why did you choose the life your living? This delightful webinar answers your curious questions about why you choose the body you’re in, your parents, your life and what you’re discovering from your experience. This is an interactive discussion –
    ($20 US or Euro donation requested)
  10. Monday, 9/28/2020: Walk a Mile in Your Shoes
    Jilliana Raymond takes you on a life exploration of your experiences and how each has contributed to the individual you are today. Learn why each was important and how they have shaped your life. We all teach by example and what we teach we must experience.
    ($20 US donation requested)
  11. Monday, 10/12/2020: Crystalline DNA Phase 3 – Crystalline Unity Consciousness
    In this webinar you will connect with your Godspark and learning to go into the center of your heart. The codes you are presented will open your hearts. When this is accomplished we are able to create unified responses as everyone in the collective gets to experience the awakening.
    ($30 Euro donation requested)
  12. Monday, 10/26/2020: How to Receive Messages of Light/How to Communicate with God
    Join Leni Morrison and Jilliana Raymond as they remind you how you receive messages of light and how to communicate with Divine Consciousness. This is fairly simple, yet a good reference in case you have any questions. This can be an interactive discussion.
    ($20 US or Euro donation requested)
  13. Monday, 11/9/2020: It’s An Energy Thing
    Jilliana Raymond takes you on an energy exploration. Learn how to recognize how your body systems register energy long before your physical awareness. Utilizing the body’s own profound sensory mechanism will alert you to avoid energy junctures that are not in alignment with your individual energy systems.
    ($20 US donation is requested)
  14. Monday, 11/30/2020: Who Is In Your Soul Family
    Join Jilliana Raymond as she helps you identify those individuals who represent key individuals from your soul family (not necessarily your birth family) and the significance of the life scenarios you’ve chosen to accomplish and what that accomplishment means for your entire soul family.
    ($20 US donation requested)
  15. Monday, 12/7/2020: Discover the Sophia Dragon Codes
    Join Leni Morrison and the ascension collective as they become facilitators in your discovery of your Divine blueprint by awakening the Sophia Dragon Codes in your DNA.
    ($40 Euro donation requested for this life facilitation)
  16. Monday, 12/21/2020: Who’s Calling the Show/Intro to Your Joy Guide
    This informative discussion is an introduction to your body elemental often referred to as your ‘joy guide.” Join Jilliana Raymond as she teaches you how to enter into discussion with this elemental and to identify the steerage your guide is providing.
    ($25 US donation is requested)
  17. Monday, 1/4/2021: Becoming the Master You Seek
    This is the program that puts all the programs and integrations together. Bring your questions and experiences as you begin to emerge as a new crystalline master. Join Leni Morrison as she guides you through the new codes and implementations that have been initialized.
    Please note: This webinar will be best implemented if you have attended the Crystalline DNA webinars for Phase 1, 2 and 3.
    ($25 Euro donation requested)
  18. Monday, 1/18/2021: How to Work with Freedom Codes
    This webinar includes invocations, ceremonies and transmissions. Join Leni Morrison as she guides you through this labyrinth of spirit activation.
    ($35 Euro registration requested)
  19. Monday, 2/1/2021: Introducing You to Your Conscious Universe
    Join Jilliana Raymond as she guides you through an exploration of your conscious Universe. This series will include exercises to introduce you to new awareness in conscious communication and how this can enliven every element in your life.
    ($20 US donation requested)

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