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Professional Training

Jilliana Raymond is a certified Reflexologist, a National Board of Massage Continuing Education Instructor, and provides CEU training for Reflexology and Integrative Sole Energy Therapy (ISET). Her training incorporates multiple alternative modalities.  She combines these modalities with her own therapeutic touch to provide relief for her clientele.

Jilliana is a National Board of Massage Continuing Education Instructor who developed the modality for Integrative Sole Energy Therapy and offers instruction in it with CEU credits available for practitioners.

This training is designed for practitioners who have a background in massage therapy or alternative energy practices (reflexology, clearing cellular memory, therapeutic touch, Reiki or a similar energy modality) and who desire to enhance their clientele’s therapeutic benefit.

  • This is a hands-on class utilizing human models to demonstrate and integrate this new and transformational energy modality.
  • The course will benefit individuals who desire to establish their own therapeutic practice. The use of this protocol will greatly accelerate the therapeutic benefit for the practitioner’s clientele.
  • By utilizing a combination of traditional reflexology techniques and proven energy flow techniques the practitioner will be able to detect energy imbalances and clear blocked energy channels.
  • The practitioner will learn to identify and release congested energy channels to allow the body’s natural energy circuitry to rebalance, encouraging free energy flow to promote improved immune support and the repair of energy circuitry.

Integrated Sole Energy TherapyIntegrated Sole Energy Therapy I – 40 CEUs
Complete course includes practical business applications, reflexology review and session sequencing. This program is designed for individuals who intend to open an individual practice and who desire to amplify their clientele’s therapeutic benefit.

  • Practical Business Applications
  • Reflexology Review and Sequences
  • Energy Flow Techniques
  • Clearing Emotional Gateways
  • Clearing the Heart and Lifeline Detection

Integrated Sole Energy Therapy II – 24 CEUs
Abbreviated course is tailored to energy therapists who have established practices and desire to enhance their clientele’s therapeutic benefit.

  • Energy Flow Techniques
  • Clearing Emotional Gateways
  • Clearing the Heart and Lifeline Detection

Complete course is designed to:

  • Provide in depth guidelines to establish a business practice.
  • Review traditional reflexology massage techniques and sequences.
  • Demonstrate the importance of grounding.
  • Introduce the addition of energy flow techniques to traditional reflexology techniques.
  • Introduce & demonstrate energy flow tools used to break up congested energy.
  • Provide insight to the emotional components that create energy blockages.
  • Introduce practitioners to energy meridians and how directing energy flow through reflexology points can open energy meridians.
  • Introduce energy techniques to clear heart chambers through reflexology points.
  • Learn to identify emotional impact blocking free flowing energy
    utilizing life line detection.
  • Learn how to clear specific organs of energy congestion.
  • Learn how to connect broken energy circuitry within the body.
  • Learn how to release unbalanced energy that has surfaced during a therapeutic session.