Jilliana RaymondAbout 25 years ago, Jilliana Raymond’s first inspirational book I Hope Your Turkey Burns! was written to humorously expunge her anger over her divorce. She bravely attempted to self-publish the book and was fortunately guided to learn the right way to bring a book to market and she has.

Her journey also brought her other enlightenment as a spiritual counselor and she is now a highly acclaimed and gifted best-selling author. Her books: New Beginnings; Elements of Change, Life is a Spiritual Soup,  and God’s Toolbox – How God Answers Prayers serve as the foundation for her inspirational work. She also co-authored A New Year To A New You and Wake Up…Live the Life You Love with other forward thinkers.

Jilliana has been introducing individuals to the spiritual stewards who watch over us through her writing and teaching for over 20 years.


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