Discovering Your Mastery Unlocking Hidden Codes Within Book Cover

The universe is a magical environment. How we interact with spiritual resources can often feel secretive, illusive, and even forbidden. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. In Discovering Your Mastery, authors Leni Morrison and Jilliana Raymond shed light on misgivings and unlock some of the mysteries of the universe in which we reside.

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Before Your Last Breath Book by Jillian Raymond

Here is the book that will help you pre-plan for your ultimate life transition. What considerations should you address? What might you experience through a prolonged illness? What potentially awaits in the spiritual realms? Here is the guide that provides the answers along with condensed worksheets to record important information.

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Official review for Before Your Last Breath by EvaDar:

…Raymond’s book serves multiple functions. It is primarily a comprehensive guide to help people prepare themselves and loved ones for their death passage. The practical runs concurrently with a certain, sometimes esoteric, spiritual orientation. Raymond shares her beliefs about the afterlife, based on her work as an end-of-life doula, a non-medical support for death transitions. She has witnessed death and interviewed individuals who have had near-death experiences. Her work supports her belief that death is but ‘an inviting image of an awaiting spiritual life.’…

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Amazon Reviews:

A MUST Read When Facing the Inevitable

This book serves as the comforting hand behind your back for those having to face the difficult time of a family member facing the end of life. I was so scattered emotionally when having to face my father’s death and even though there was an established will, there were so many other aspects and steps to face and accomplish that I did not realize had to be done.

This is a practical and nurturing guide to help you face the inevitable. I now have this book which will help me immensely when facing this situation again and will certainly make sure my son has this book for me down the road.

– by Lauren McCann

The New Covenants by Jillian Raymond

Imagine being accountable for every life action. Knowing this, what life changes will you make? Over 5,000 years ago a set of Commandments was issued to provide guidance and structure to a chaotic society. Humanity is once again immersed in chaos and on the threshold of creating a new evolving world. Discover the New Covenants that will once again provide direction to shape humanity and the evolving new world we will all be living within.

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Amazon Reviews:

I’m a student of Jilliana Raymond’s. Integrative Sole Energy Therapy classes. I’ve read 2 of Jilliana’s. other books, New Beginnings, and Life is a Spiritual Soup.. this book, New Covenants, is one that should be read by everyone who is interested in Spirituality, and great history of it. A fantastic guide for anyone to follow, a great read . Very helpful.

New Beginnings by Jillian Raymond

This book challenges complex life issues, provides encouragement and invites its readers to break restrictive patterns, embrace change, and align with a new vision for an evolving world. Something within these pages will change your life forever. Something you read will cause you to live differently. Something you realize will alter who you are and help you believe you are someone greater than you thought you could be. If you knew that everything you did in this life mattered, would you change anything? This transformational work asks the reader to consider what no longer compliments the life they were meant to live and offers the tools to allow them to experience the life they could be living.

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Amazon Reviews:

Jillian Raymond’s book: “New Beginnings… is truly a game changer for anyone looking to make a positive change in their life. Throughout her book, Ms. Raymond eloquently & gracefully guides you through the somewhat perilous journey of releasing the all the toxicity in your life – in whatever form it appears- so you can begin anew. If you are ready to make a change, this book is a “must read!”

– by M. Tublin

Life is a Spiritual Soup by Jillian Raymond

It is how we navigate the bends in the road that become the ingredients that comprise the adventure of life. As you are about to discover through this book, you are a spiritual being, connected to an unlimited dimensional spiritual universe, experiencing many characteristics, and absorbing multiple life dynamics.

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Book Reviews:

Life is a Spiritual Soup is Jilliana Raymond’s call to helping people find the balance of God in their lives so that they may better incorporate his will and wisdom. Her words seek to help people realize the spiritual being they are and can aspire to be, making Life is a Spiritual Soup a fine addition to spirituality collections.

– by James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Midwest Book Review

I Hope Your Turkey Burns by Jiliana Raymond

Prepare to be challenged and amazed as you connect to spiritual allies. Imagine the capability of interpreting God’s answer to prayer. Could you be part of God’s Toolbox? Find out how daily miracles occur throughout our lives. Discover invisible resources that coordinate behind the scenes on behalf of our requests. Join the author as she explores the mechanics of spiritual communication with our mystical universe.

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