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Discovering Your Mastery:
Unlocking Hidden Codes Within

Book by Leni Morrison and Jilliana Raymond

Discovering Your Mastery Unlocking Hidden Codes Within Book Cover

The universe is a magical environment. How we interact with spiritual resources can often feel secretive, illusive, and even forbidden. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. In Discovering Your Mastery, authors Leni Morrison and Jilliana Raymond shed light on misgivings and unlock some of the mysteries of the universe in which we reside.

The two spiritual teachers/healers combine nearly 50 years of research, life experience, and healing intervention to deliver these unique messages of light. They offer a well-thought compilation of spiritual wisdom that reveals the spiritual heritage of every living soul, universal codes within your DNA that, when unlocked, will generate the life you were born to experience. Their insight provides information on how to activate every individual’s sovereign connection to a spiritual universe.

The Authors

Leni Morrison

Leni Morrison

Leni Morrison is certified spiritual intuitive, musician, transformational teacher, multidimensional soul coach, and new earth ascension guide. Her powerful insights launch individuals onto new paths of life and spiritual awareness.

Jilliana Raymond

Jillian Raymond

Jilliana Raymond is an international, award-winning author, energy channel, National Board of Massage instructor, minister, and spiritual channel who has been introducing individuals to spiritual guardians and universal wisdoms for years. Her message to all is to empower individuals to see how extraordinary they are.

About The Book

Discovering Your Mastery helps you find your magnificence, understand your spiritual origin, and optimize your living experience by utilizing energy techniques. It teaches what ingredients become the tools to align you with your optimal life journey.

Leni Morrison’s description of her own light body activation in 2017 is a fascinating introduction to the emerald frequencies, the Cosmic Christ, Gaia and humanity’s somewhat messy, yet somehow magical ascension process that we now find ourselves in.  One can breathe a sigh of relief as we follow her detailed explanation of how the transformation of our human DNA from carbon base to crystalline leads to blissful states of well-being and creative expression.

The powerful awakening stories included in this chapter reveal how Source transmits plasma and photonic light waves that activate and support our embodied ascension process in unexpected and miraculous ways. Her writing emanates an authenticity that can only come through personal experience and deep work with the Emerald Codes.

Discovering Your Mastery Book by Leni Morrison and Jillian Raymond

Discovering Your Mastery Book

Discovering Your Mastery Book by Leni Morrison and Jilliana Raymond 2022


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