Life Is A Spiritual Soup with Jilliana Raymond

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In this podcast we explore the light of life and love, and how we can all live a better life, that we are destined to have.

Find out more about the host, Jilliana Raymond. Purchase her award-winning books of exploration. To participate in Q&A and provide constructive criticism, please email LifeIsASpiritualSoup@gmail.com.

More Details:

  • EP.1 What is spirituality?
    In this episode, Jilliana ponders and defines what spirituality means in her realm.
  • EP.2 Rules of Engagement
    In this episode, Jilliana explores the historical & cultural context, and her rules of engagement.
  • EP.3 Metaphysics with Jane Maulucci:
    In this episode, Jilliana is joined by local writer Jane Maulucci to discuss metaphysics and other related topics. Jane is the brain behind https://thereactivevoice.com.
  • EP.4 The Power of Your Word:
    In this episode, Jilliana explains how words we utter can change the world we live in.
  • EP.5 Intuitive Astrology with Diane Carbone:
    In this episode, Jilliana dives into the sea of astrological knowledge from her guest Diane Carbone. Learn about yourself like you have never before, and how to use new moon and full moon to manifest your desired life events.
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Jilliana Raymond is an international award-winning author, a spiritual advisor, and a Quantum Reflexology Instructor and Practitioner. She holds a doctorate in Metaphysical Healing and she promotes healing elements to her clientele.

Contact Jill:
Email: jillianaraymond@gmail.com