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Jilliana RaymondJilliana Raymond works with individuals to release limiting blocks, find emotional balance, and eliminate old energy templates to uncover their true hidden self. Her personal consultations provide fresh perspectives that lead to self-empowerment and a renewed zest for life.

She enhances her physical therapy utilizing Reflexology and her intuitive insights to provide clients with guidance from her spiritual resources. No two sessions will ever be the same for any individual as each of us is constantly changing. These sessions are the springboard for clients to begin their personal transformation by:

  • Healing life’s traumas
  • Guiding you to discover inner peace
  • Energizing your inner spirit
  • Promoting positive action
  • Developing your strong inner foundation

Initial consultations take up to an hour with follow-up sessions requiring 30 minutes or less, depending on the modalities. Jilliana is also able to provide intuitive consulting over the phone (land line preferred) and will also answer questions via e-mail if necessary.

“The highest compliment I could ever receive is in knowing whatever wisdom has been shared has provided my clients with renewed energy, a commitment to change outdated habits and discover the extraordinary individual that lies within.” Jilliana

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