ISET Practitioners

Teaching ordinary people how extraordinary they are.

Each of these ISET practitioners has been personally trained by Jilliana Raymond.

Sherri Blanton –
BodiWorkz by Sherri @ Bear Essentials
New Bern, NC
252 670-3029

Gini Mays -Bare Soles Reflexology
Atlantic Beach, NC
252 723-2804

Priscilla E.A. Jaouni – MHA, RN
Whole Health & Wellness Counselor
New Bern, N.C., and Málaga, Spain.

Mark A. Gallagher – R&M Reflexology Plus
Cresco, Pennsylvania
570 955-8739

Anne Rasmussan
New Bern, NC
252 670-3730

Catherine Ould
Dragonfly Massage and Bodywork
New Bern, NC

Kelli Minton
Tampa, Florida
ISET Instructor
252 246-6373

Elana Sunseri – Clear Mind Body Spirit, LLC
New Bern, NC
408 504-9639

Joan Bank
The Awakening Sole
New Bern, N.C.

Deborah Schreck
Elements of the Sole
Newport Beach, NC
252 342-9564

Mary Connelly
Reflexology and Rejuvenation
New Bern, N.C.
252 671-3034

Peggy Kittrell
Morehead and Beaufort, N.C.
252 725-1851

Anne Babcock
Pine Knoll Shores, N.C.

Cheryl Smith
Phoenix, Arizona
252 646-3668

Catherine Spain
New Bern, NC and Bahamas

Patty Epting
Boone, NC
ISET Instructor

Jilliana is a certified Reflexologist, a National Board of Massage Continuing Education Instructor, and provides CEU training for Reflexology and Integrative Sole Energy Therapy (ISET), a quantum reflexology that she developed in 2013 as a therapeutic modality.

By combining the therapeutic touch of reflexology with energy flow techniques, she developed the ISET protocol to detect energy imbalance within the body and clear the identified blocked energy channels. The energy release from ISET therapy allows the body’s natural energy circuitry to rebalance restoring natural flow throughout the body thus stimulating the body’s own healing to engage. Benefits include improved immune support, release of stress, a balanced energy system and often identification of emotional core issues that may compromise an individual’s ability to heal from disease.

Jilliana Raymond headshot

Jilliana Raymond is an international award-winning author, a spiritual advisor, and a Quantum Reflexology Instructor and Practitioner. She holds a doctorate in Metaphysical Healing and she promotes healing elements to her clientele.

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