Jilliana Raymond presents workshops that combine practical knowledge with spiritual insights. She encourages her students to listen to their inner guides to learn how to manage their outer trials.

Her workshops are presented with warmth, as a cordial conversation, saturated with a depth of knowledge, yet clearly communicated so that you leave with practical solutions that you can readily implement.

Conflict Resolution Without Confrontation

Learn to communicate at a soul level and resolve conflicts without confrontation. Tap into your sacred circle to develop intuitive reflection and allow communication with your spiritual guardians and discover how to create your life vision. This workshop will empower you to resolve relationship conflicts, communicate with a loved one in spirit, gain insight for future opportunities, manifest your life’s vision, and communicate with your spiritual guardians.

Pleas enjoy this 11-minute Conflict Resolution Forest Meditatin Audio. Feel free to download the MP3 file (right click the link and select “Save link as…”) for your own use.

What’s Toxic In Your Life

Identify the areas in your life that may be out of balance with your intended destiny. The toxicity is holding you back and if you are ready to make changes this workshop can help you clear it out to enhance your living experience. Topics covered include relationships (working and personal), toxic locations, and environmental clues of imbalance. Workbook included.

Your Body Computer

Each of us is programmed with information that effects how we respond to our outer world. In this workshop we uncover the origins of that programming and discover ways to rework it to shift your experiences. You’ll learn powerful techniques that will put you in charge of your life’s direction and enable you to reprogram your personal “computer”.

Eliminate Toxc Business Assets

Your business is on the verge of success every day! By incorporating the positive attributes of successful organizations, and eliminating the toxic influences within your business you can be confident that you will succeed. This workshop will review all segments of your current business and help you identify the toxic elements that must be removed or managed.

Pathways to Understanding Transition & What Awaits us on the Other Side

Death is a subject no one wants to address but someone has to. For many years Jill has been teaching that the life we experience on earth is a mere breath in relation to the life we experience in our spiritual domain. What we do during our physical life contributes to our individual soul expression in the etheric dimensions. Death is not an end, but a new beginning. Check out Before Your Last Breath, a book covering all aspects of a transition process, along with an accompanying workbook where documentation of passwords, assets, account information, and contact information can be found.

Being prepared ahead of any fateful moment will alleviate months of emotional agony and help insure a smooth transition. My goal is to take the fear and suffering out of the death process.

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Jilliana Raymond is an international award-winning author, a spiritual advisor, and a Quantum Reflexology Instructor and Practitioner. She holds a doctorate in Metaphysical Healing and she promotes healing elements to her clientele.

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